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What is ICIFIX?
ICIFIX is a connection service between client and professional. A simple and effective tool that allows you to FIND a professional COMPATIBLE with the client's needs and to SET an appointment for a 30-minute virtual consultation directly with a lawyer for a LEGAL ADVICE or with a business professional. ICIFIX works everywhere in Quebec.
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Benefits for ICIFIX customers
1. Provide a personalized search according to your criteria in order to find a compatible professional.
2. Maximize your chances of finding a professional compatible with your needs.
3. Provides access to pre-selected professionals (affiliates and external professionals).
4. Save time & money with virtual or telephone consultation in prepaid mode.
* Get a search result in 48 hours or refundable.
How much does ICIFIX cost?
SINGLE RATE: $ 149 (taxes included, no other additional fees)
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How does ICIFIX work?
1. Choose your need
2. Choose a time slot preference (flexible)
3. Provide your contact details, your preferences and a description of your situation
4. Pay the $ 149 fee and you will be contacted to confirm.
5. Upload your identity documents to Espace-client and attach the documents of your choice
* Get a search result within 48 hours or refundable in full.

Find a professional or lawyer

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Find a professional or lawyer

Benefits for participating ICIFIX partners
1. Enables to increase client network.
2. Eligible for discounts on sales and customer service training workshops.
3. Possibility of obtaining mandates.
4. Access to a network of quality professionals in other fields.
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